Both Nundle and Hanging Rock are popular destinations for visitors all year round…rendering this slice of paradise one of the Tamworth region’s worst-kept secrets.

A scenic 50-minute drive into the “Hills of Gold” from Tamworth will land you at Nundle and Hanging Rock and though the two villages are just 10 kilometres apart, the 600 metre change in elevation means that they couldn’t be more different.

Established in the 1850s after the discovery of gold at Hanging Rock, both villages flourished during the gold rush era with thousands of miners calling the area home. Today, fossickers are still drawn to the area to try their luck, and you’ll find remnants of that prosperous time around each and every corner.

In the village of Nundle, discover boutique treasures, a range of unique dining options, and beautiful parks and museums. It’s a favourite for visitors from metropolitan areas, who come to recharge, relax and get a taste of the village’s enviable lifestyle. And the views aren’t bad at all! Nundle is also well known across the Tamworth region (and beyond) for its bursting-at-the-seams annual events calendar, which sees the village swell with visitors each year.

For those feeling the pull of the natural landscape, Hanging Rock delivers captivating views of the Peel Valley and picturesque recreation areas. It’s also a great escape to beat the summer heat, and a beautiful spot to play in the snow if you’re lucky enough to be there on the right winter day.

Soak up every last bit of Nundle and Hanging Rock by making a weekend of it, with accommodation options that’ll satisfy travellers from all walks of life. It’s the perfect base for visits to Chaffey Dam, and Sheba Dams, or a great stop off for travellers wanting a break from the New England Highway.