Day Tripping to Nundle and Surrounds

If you’re staying in Tamworth, but looking to venture futher, then we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you!

Nundle is a beautiful village to visit, with so much to see and do, it is hard to pick and choose. Nevertheless, we have included some memorable experiences for you, and it is all in a day’s work – well,  exploration!

Day Tripping: Nundle and Surrounds

Looking to plan a day trip in the Tamworth region this month? Why not make a day trip from Tamworth to the quaint village of Nundle, but not without some stops along the way. Make sure you have your camera handy today, because there are some places that make for Instagram-worthy snaps!


As you make your way up the hill from Tamworth, the first stop calling to you for a photograph is Chaffey Dam. An attractive setting in the Peel Valley, you can see the beauty of Chaffey Dam – a favourite spot for swimming, camping, sailing, fishing and simply looking at the serene scenes. Once you’ve taken the photograph of the year, continue on your journey to Nundle.

Just a short drive away, you’ll reach Nundle in no time. Now that you have arrived, it is time to see one of the last spinning mills still operating in the country at the Nundle Woollen Mill. The team transforms raw wool into famous Nundle knitting wool, and we are sure you’ll love seeing the machinery used – it’s quite fascinating. Receiving almost 25,000 visitors each year, it is no surprise they recently (February 2023) received the Silver Award for Best Grey Nomad Tour!

By now we are sure you are itching for a coffee or snack. Well, now is the time to wander through the main street, find a café and visit some stores or boutiques. If you are looking for something a bit different, and an experience mixed in, then visit the Gold Mine Guesthouse Café and Museum!

After exploring  and enjoying your morning beverage, it is time to get back in the car and visit Hanging Rock. Just 11km from Nundle, it is worth the extra drive to see the vast landscape that is Peel Valley. With a brilliant vantage point, you’ll want to have your camera at the ready, before sitting back and simply taking in the exquisite sight before you. With Nundle being one of the best areas in the state for crystals, you might also be lucky enough to spot some tiny quartz crystals lying in the ground.


Getting back on the road, it is a five-minute drive to Sheba Dams. But before you arrive, you may want to turn off for a little piece of history at the Hanging Rock Historic Cemetery. Here you’ll see where Mary Ashton (wife of James Ashton – founder of the longest surviving Circus in Australia, Ashton’s Circus) is buried. 

Sheba Dams is a great place to explore, sitting at 1150m above sea level in the Great Dividing Range, these dams were built by hand in 1888 to provide water for goldmining. Once you’ve taken time to explore, and have cooled off in the water, get changed and head for the  Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm.  

If you have booked ahead, then you will be able to visit the Drunken Trout Café for lunch. At set times, the Trout Farm also offers tastings and tour packages where you can see fish farming operations, sample some of their smoked trout products and enjoy a beverage. With many award-winning products, this is definitely the place to try their smoked products and to indulge in trout for lunch.

Of course, there is always more that you can explore, but it’s been a big day! Make sure you take in the roadside scenery on the way home – there are lots of pretty sights to see! If you are looking for a nice meal to top off the day, check out the eateries  in Tamworth.