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    Feb 17 2016

    Cultural Pursuits

    “Tamworth has a unique community that is actively involved in a diverse range of cultural pursuits. The most recent national figures suggest the arts and cultural sector is the second fastest growth sector for employment. This includes both cultural occupations and cultural industries.” Tamworth Cultural Plan 2003


    Tamworth Regional Council maintains a directory of community organisations in the region, which can be found here.

    Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music

    The Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music is the premier music education facility in the Tamworth region and one of 15 regional conservatoriums in NSW.  Established in 1984, the Conservatorium caters to 1,000 students and employs 21 teaching staff.

    Conservatorium Director Jane Robertson said it was the largest regional conservatorium in the State after Wollongong’s and had students ranging in age from four years to 75, learning over 21 different instruments.

    “We are interested in life-long learning,” she said.  “As much as we love to work with students who may go on to study music at tertiary level, we’re just as interested in fostering a love of music in people who may not take it any further but who maintain a love of it at all their lives.

    There are 16 ensemble orchestras that students can be a part of and the Tamworth Conservatorium is the only regional facility in NSW to conduct a four-tiered orchestral program, allowing students to progress through the ranks as they become more proficient.

    “There’s also an Early Childhood Music Program with the rare opportunity to be taught by a teacher with qualifications in Early Childhood Music from Macquarie University,” Ms Robertson said.

    The facility receives part of its funding from the State Government but it also relies heavily on the local community for its support, particularly with the provision of a number of bursaries for financially-disadvantaged students.

    Ms Robertson said that far from being a luxury, research had proven that musical education improved reasoning capacity, problem-solving skills, memory and language skills and produced greater social and team skills.

    “My greatest wish is for parents to realise the supreme benefits of involving their children in a musical education,” Ms Robertson said.

    Further information on the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music can be found on their website.

    Tamworth Regional Library and Art Gallery 

    Tamworth’s new $6 million Regional Gallery and Library opened in the city’s main street in 2004.

    Tamworth’s Gallery is considered one of the best, and from an operational perspective it is believed to be one of the top five of the State’s 32 regional facilities.

    The Gallery is regarded as state-of-the-art and its flexibility is considered one of its best qualities.  Two large exhibition spaces enable Tamworth to now attract larger touring exhibitions than it has previously been able to accommodate.

    The Library has been designed to give maximum opportunity to find a quiet place to read or research including access to plenty of public Internet computers. There is also space to listen to music, and with access to the libraries midi keyboard with Finale composition software, you can compose your own.

    The Library is open six days a week – Mondays to Thursdays from 10am to 7pm, Fridays from 10am to 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. Ph: 6767 5460 and 6767 5457.

    The Gallery is open six days per week – Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10am to 5pm and Sundays from 12noon until 4pm.

    In addition to the top-floor gallery and the bottom-floor library there are rooms for lectures, workshops, meetings, storage and exhibition preparation.…